PASPAG: Phoswich scintillator assemblies: Application to the
Simultaneous detection of PArticle and Gamma radiation

WP Leader: Olof Tengblad
Deputy: Franco Camera

The PASPAG JRA aims to improve the infrastructure for European large-scale facilities such as FAIR, SPIRAL2 & ELINP to make best use of the high investment into delivering radioactive ion beams. Efficient gamma-ray and chargedparticle detection systems are key tools for experimental nuclear physics. Future nuclear-physics facilities will make strong demands on the capability and performance of such detector systems. For example, the optimum gamma-ray spectrometer would combine a maximum of solid angle with good rate capability and energy resolution. New scintillator materials and photon detector technologies in combination with high granularity will help to tackle the challenges associated with extreme Doppler shifts at relativistic energies.

TASK 1. Novel Scintillator Materials (INFN)
The output of this Task will be two-fold: firstly, a report on the performance of various novel scintillators for nuclearphysics applications in terms of response to gamma rays, thermal and fast neutrons; the second deliverable will be the prototype ‘imager’.

TASK 2. Phoswich detectors (IFJ PAN)
The output of Task 2 will be a report on the construction and evaluation of various prototype phoswich designs.

TASK 3. Hybrid arrays and their applications (UoY)
A third task of this project will be to investigate hybrid detector arrays.