ENSAF: European Network of Small-scale Accelerator

WP Leader: Sotirios Harissopulos
Deputy: Joaquin Gomez

ENSAF is in line with these recommendations as its primary objective is to strengthen the role of small-scale facilities in the European Research Area by bringing together scientists from many European small-scale accelerator facilities to: 1. Organise extended data bases of resources available at small-scale accelerator facilities, and increase the community awareness of the capabilities of these facilities and identify niches for scientific research. 2. Develop good practices and exchange know-how related to a) the operation of accelerators and ion sources, b) target preparation and recycling, c) detector and instrumentation maintenance, and d) laboratory management and coordination of users. 3. Develop and coordinate common scientific efforts with emphasis on projects around the Transnational Access facilities of ENSAR2 and furthermore around the upcoming ESFRI infrastructures. 4. Elaborate and formulate action plans aiming at an effective use of small-scale accelerator facilities for training young scientists.

TASK 1. Awareness (NCSRD)
This task aims at producing a survey of resources available at the ENSAF accelerator facilities (scientific instrumentation, analytical facilities, services provided, etc.). Collaboration with NuPECC, the IAEA and other Integrating Activity projects is envisaged within this task.

TASK 2. Exchange of know-how and best practices (USE)
A review and evaluation of management approaches in small labs
would therefore be very useful to perform. To achieve the goals of Task 2, ENSAF foresees some financial support for mobility of experts between the participating laboratories.

TASK 3. Linking ENSAF and TA facilities (NCSRD)
Task 3 aims at partially supporting such activities, preparatory work at an ENSAF lab with the primary aim to subsequently setup a research proposal to be submitted to the PAC of a TA laboratory, or feasibility studies at a TA
facility by ENSAF scientists, in general.

TASK 4. Training of students and young researchers at small facilities (UCO)
A working group will be setup to discuss and evaluate best ways to use small accelerators and the installed instrumentation for training young researchers at the beginning of their careers. This will be in connection with Task 3.