NUSPRASEN: Nuclear Structure Physics, Reactions, Astrophysics and
Superheavy Elements Network

WP Leader: Christoph Scheidenberger
Deputy: Livius Trache

The pillars of current research in low- and intermediate-energy nuclear physics are Studies of nuclear structure, Investigation and proper description of nuclear reactions, Synthesis of new isotopes and new elements as well as study of their physical and chemical properties and Nuclear astrophysics with its interdisciplinary character. The NUSPRASEN network will push forward an idea to organise an Integrated User Group for all TAs, including the EURISOL User Group, which will allow better communication and coherent actions of the user community in Europe. A link to the ESFRI process and to NuPECC will help to prepare the ground towards the next NuPECC Long-Range Plan.

TASK 1. Coordination of activities and dissemination
A steering committee to be formed will establish contacts to other ENSAR2 activities with fundamental science connection and will manage the activities of this NA.

TASK 2. Physics goals, synergies, future directions
The steering committee will organise the discussion and exchange forums for the major activities of the field.