MoU with international laboratories

The ENSAR2 consortium signed Memoranda of Understanding with non-European laboratories in order to favour exchange of researchers at international level.

CountryPartner laboratoryContact person
ChinaIMP CAS LanzhouDr. SHA Shan Tel.: +86 931 49069 777
IndiaTIFR MumbaiDean E-mail: Tel.: +91 22 22 78 23 02
JapanCNS TokyoPr. Nobuaki Imai Tel.: +81 48 464 4191
KEK TsukubaPr. Hiroari Miyatake Tel.: +81 48 462 7611
RNC Riken TokyoDr. Tomohiro Uesaka Tel.: +81 48 467 9383
RNCP Osaka
RussiaJINR DubnaDr. A. Karpov
South AfricaiThemba Cape Town
USAANL ArgonneDr. Kawtar Hafidi Tel.: +27 1 630 252 4012
NSCL East LansingDr. Remco G. Zegers Tel.: +1 517 908 7473

The collaboration of ENSAR2 consortium with these laboratories outside Europe aims to provide access to the facilities for European physicists and vice versa to the facilities of ENSAR2 RIs to non-European physicists following the rules of the various infrastructures, i.e. approved projects based on scientific merits and feasibility. 

These international labs will cover the daily expenses of European physicists, while performing experiments at their infarstructures, according to local per diem rules. Vice versa, ENSAR2 will cover the daily expenses of physicists belonging to these labs, while performing experiments at ENSAR2 RIs, according to local per diem rules of the ENSAR2 RIs.

In this way, ENSAR2 will be able to provide transnational access to its facilities to international users from outside the European Union and associated countries. This could be up to 20% of the total ENSAR2 quantity of access allocated to transnational access.