NUSPIN: NUclear SPectroscopy INstrumentation

WP Leader: Silvia Lenzi
Deputy: Magdalena Gorska

The main goal of the NUSPIN network is to strengthen the nuclear-structure community by the exchange and transfer of knowledge and the enhancement of synergies between the different collaborations active in the European Infrastructure Facilities.

TASK 1. Coordination, promotion and dissemination (INFN)
The Steering Committee will coordinate and organise the different activities and tasks between the Working Groups, the Scientific Committee and the Infrastructure to promote collaborative ventures for the optimisation of the use of the resources and to organise annual meetings.

TASK 2. Working groups for the different types of detectors (INFN)
The activity of the WG will be to cooperate on the use, research and development of the detectors and to improve the performance and compatibility of the devices.

TASK 3. Collaboration Workshops (All)
The Steering Committee will organise annually the NUSPIN Workshop where the most important achievements in gamma-spectroscopy research will be presented and discussed.

TASK 4. Training of new users and exchange of experts (All)
The transfer of knowledge to new users, with particular regard to young researchers, and from one community to the other constitutes a very important goal of the Network. The exchange of key technical personnel is another important goal.