MIDAS: MInimisation of Destructive plASma processes in ECRIS

WP Leader: Hannu Koivisto
Deputy: Pascal Jardin

The objective of the MIDAS-NA is to enhance the networking between partner teams in order to further improve the ion beams in terms of their intensity, energy, quality and variety in the most effective way. The exchange of instruments and know-how will be improved in order to perform new and complicated experiments, as an example, to study and eventually to minimise the destructive plasma processes like charge exchange. In addition, this networking combines the know-how of world-class research teams and industrial partners, AVS and PANTECHNIK, to develop technological solutions beyond the present limits. As an example, a new type of ECRIS having an innovative magnetic structure will be developed and tested in collaboration between GANIL and industrial partners. The MIDAS networking can have a strong impact on the future ion-source technology and diagnostics needed for the development of highly charged ion beams.

TASK 1. Coordination of scientific activities and dissemination (JYU)
The Steering Committee to coordinate and organise Task 2 and Task 3 will be formed by the representatives of the partner teams. The Committee will organise the web site, will also promote the pooling of resources and equipment to use new experimental setups in an efficient and innovative way and will finally behave as a link between the MIDAS-NA and ENSAR JRAs to guarantee the interaction and exchange of information.

TASK 2. Collaboration workshops (GANIL)
The annual workshops will be organised in order to present the most important results and new requirements regarding the research and development of ECR ion sources and their beams.

TASK 3. Hands-on-training (GSI)
The hands-on training will promote the transfer of the optimised and the most useful methods among the partners. Training activities will be defined and organised by the Steering Committee. On-site training offers an inspiring environment for experts, young physicists and engineers to improve their expertise by the courses offered by the partner institutes.