TheoS: Theoretical Support for Nuclear Facilities in Europe

WP Leader: Denis Lacroix
Deputy: Antonio Moro

The main objective of TheoS is to provide a strong and reliable theoretical support to the experiments that will be performed at the TAs of ENSAR2, including the ESFRI projects FAIR, SPIRAL2 and ELI-NP. This goal will be reached by improving our knowledge of nuclei both starting from first principles and by improving existing phenomenological models in nuclear structure and reactions. Links with other areas of physics, like hadron physics and astrophysics, will be emphasised within TheoS. In addition, this JRA will build a community to coordinate the research in nuclear theory within Europe.

TASK 1. Description of the structure of stable and exotic nuclei with beyond-mean-field (BMF) approaches (INFN)
Subtask 1.1: Development of suitable effective interactions in mean-field and BMF theories (CNRS)
Subtask 1.2: Fingerprint of correlations in BMF approaches (UMIL)
Subtask 1.3: Improvement of BMF theory for small- and large-amplitude collective motion and dissipative aspects of nuclear dynamics (INFN)

TASK 2. Calculate reaction observables to compare state-of-the-art structure models with novel experimental data in exotic nuclei (USE)
Subtask 2.1: Development of new reaction formalisms (ULB)
Subtask 2.2: Improvement of the interface between nuclear structure and nuclear reactions (USE)